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publish:2022-07-14 15:47:16  

If the concept of "home automation" appeared at the 1933 Chicago world expo, the smart home was already an octogenarian. Even with the construction of the world‘s first "intelligent building" in 1984, the smart home has been growing for more than 30 years. Now, what about the smart home market? 


I. market scale analysis 


The smart home is based on the home, the family is the carrier, through the Internet and the wireless data communication, the family information, the electrical, the construction environment and even the security privacy control management. 


In 2015, the global intelligent about 11.1 million m households, smart home technology spending $15.624 billion, intelligent household equipment to 25% of the total shipments shipments of networking equipment, the total amount of $61 billion, up 25% from 2014. 


The smart home industry chain is long, the product variety is numerous, the single enterprise is difficult to monopolize the market. In order to enhance its competitiveness, such as apple, Google and other open platforms attract all kinds of enterprises to build smart home ecological circle and open the era of platform competition. In January 2014, Google acquisition Nest Labs, and open API for developers, let developers using hardware and algorithm of Nest, realize the interconnection Nest, and other household products, then to air conditioners, refrigerators, desk lamp, fan light intelligent control the various products. HomeKit Apple launched in 2014, smart home platform, users can use the iPhone, Apple, Apple Watch to control all of the smart home, building integrated control platform, at the same time will open data interface for developers, convenient they realize the innovation of the smart home. 


In 2015, China‘s smart home market was 300 billion yuan, up 31.4% year on year. In the next three years, China‘s digital home market will generate more than 50 billion yuan, with an additional 100 billion yuan in five years. 


At present, the smart home appliances in our country have more and more automatic and intellectualized functions on the inherent property. Take the refrigerator as an example, open the door, open, the capacity, the sterilization, the intelligent preservation, remove the peculiar smell, the intelligent reminder function has become the new selling point of the product. But the intelligent function is more in the APP reminder, the Internet service, the lack of autonomous intelligence and judgment work. It can be seen that the core functions of smart home products are still concentrated in remote control, which is still bigger than the real intelligent gap. 


From the enterprise level, the traditional home appliance giant haier, midea, gree, etc., are active layout, intelligent product development, at the same time seeking cross-border cooperation with Internet companies, from individual competition gradually into the ecosystem. Haier and Microsoft, meizu, midea and huawei, xiaomi, ali, etc., have reached strategic cooperation to explore cooperation paths in capital, ecological chain, mobile Internet and other fields. At the same time, some emerging startups, targeting more intelligent home appliances, intelligent socket, routing, Internet equipment, lighting, entertainment, health, fitness equipment, security systems, and other item into the market, but the enterprise strength is weak, many is just a flash in the pan. 

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